It is a cross-platform development and programming tool

This means that developers can use the same code base to create an IOS and Android app.

Developing software via shared platforms is the best way to save time and resources throughout the development process.

Excellent performance

Filters provide great performance for two reasons.

Firstly because it uses Dart which is included in the original code, secondly it features Flutter with its own UI elements.

So there is no need to access original (OEM) tools.

As a result of this, communication between the application and the platform is reduced and these two features of Flutter ensure faster application startup and less overall performance issues.

Open source

This language is an open source technology surrounded by an active community of developers who provide support, contribute to the extensive documentation of the tool, and develop useful resources.

Both Dart and Flutter can be used for free.

Fast development thanks to hot reloads

These filters are gaining a lot of power among mobile developers due to fast hot reloading.

Hot reloading allows changes to the code applied to simulation software and hardware to be viewed instantly.

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