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  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
What Is SEO? And How Does It Help Popularize Websites?

What Is SEO? And How Does It Help Popularize Websites?


Search engine optimization, or as also called (SEO), which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, considered one of the main aspects of the digital marketing world, and it is known that search engine optimization is the most powerful free tool, Through it Your website will has the power to lead the search results.


Search engine optimization has a set of aspects working together in the same direction to make your website preferable to the search networks and highlight it on top, some of these aspects depend mainly on the programming side of the website, others depend on the structure of the site, its design and the design of its pages, and the most important aspects on which search engine optimization or (SEO) depends on is the content of the site and the interactions it gets, of course this depends on the quality of the content, in addition to the extent to which the site is linked to other sites, in addition to the following technical aspects:

• Domain Authority.

• Page Authority.

• The Number And Quality Of Internal Links.

• The Number And Quality Of External Links.

• Spam Score.

• SEO On Page.

• SEO Off Page.

• Site Speed.

• Website Design And The Ease Of The User Experience.

• Quality And Exclusive Content.


There's a huge number of Internet users daily in the world and search engine optimization importance lies there, search networks users are more than 90% of daily Internet users, if you ever want to get information about a certain thing, the first thing you will do is to search and find that information in the closest search network, such as Google or Yahoo, and if you want to be accurate while getting this information, you will have to check from various sources.

 How Did Search Engine Optimization Start? And How Did It Develop?


The beginning of search engine optimization was not that promising, as when website owners began to configure their sites to appear in search engines, and that was starting in 1990, and it wasn't known at the time as search engine optimization, but the term search engine optimization actually began in 1997.


That beginning was based on the repetition of keywords within the content, in addition to putting those keywords in the form of codes in the website, such as Meta tags, and meta descriptions, and it is mentioned that SEO or search engine optimization in the past was much easier from now, abusing SEO by unduly repeating keywords just to get a site to appear in the first search results was common back then.


Thanks to the abusive uses of search engine optimization… or should we actually thank them?, anyways Google relied on the so-called (Page Rank) of pages, where search engine optimization for websites no longer depends only on the creation of sites only or the so-called SEO On Page, but Google also started to depend Significantly in improving search engines on the connection of the website with other sites and the extent to which visitors interact with the content of the site whether it's on the site or on other sites and on social media, which is known as SEO Off Page.


The abusive using of the search engine optimization did not stop… SHOCKER!, despite Google’s reliance on SEO Off Page, but those looking for illegal ways to quickly appear in the top of the search results did not stop there, and created their new abusive methods, which led to the creation of new concepts in the world of SEO, here's the most important concepts:

 White Hat:

The white hat depends on popularizing websites in legitimate ways that depend on using the available aspects of SEO, such as doing an appropriate search for keywords and using them with balance in the site’s content, in addition to making a thorough study of competitors and knowing the most important methods and keywords they use, and all the details of their websites, relying on that information will make you prepare your website right.

One of the most important principles of the white hat method in search engine optimization is using back links in a non-abusive way, which means that you link the website to other sites through external links, and the basis of this method is to provide innovative creative content, and thanks to the quality of that content other sites take as a source, or as a reference for their content, thus increasing the strength of the domain authority and the strength of the page that displays this content, making it rank higher in search engines.

Black Hat:

Many website owners use it to get a quick ranking, the black hat method is known for its sure and fast results, but it is also known for the catastrophic consequences that occur to pages and websites that use this method, and the consequences imposed by Google may reach the deletion of those websites.

It should be noted that the black hat method depends mainly on tools and websites that backlink to a very large number of a specific site, without taking into account the quality of those external links or even the modernity of the website and the daily rate of visits to this site, and this method succeeds in raising the target site’s ranking for a short period, but as soon as Google robots discover this process, the site owner is surprised that his site appear in last , in addition to the complete disappearance of some results from the search network.

How Does Search Engine Help Popularize Websites?

Relying on legitimate methods of search engine optimization, in addition to the good content on your website, makes visitors rely on it as a primary reference and source of information, over time, the website will top the largest possible number of search engines in your domain, this will lead to popularize the sites and get them as many daily visits as possible.

We have already mentioned that SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most powerful free tools in digital marketing, where companies use it to top targeted search results to the fields of those companies, By making those pages and websites on top, your website will not only get fame, but also You will be able to use your website to complete your digital marketing strategy for your business, increase sales of your products and services from the website and achieve an actual increase in profits.

Large companies and institutions rely on SEO to market their products and services, by resorting to companies specialized in providing search engine optimization services, such as Alalmiya Alhura, which has great experience in popularizing websites, online stores also rely on search engine optimization to get the largest possible number of daily visits and achieve the highest percentage of sales.

If you own an online store, search engines will be one of the initial steps that will help in popularizing your online store and raising its sales, Alalmiya Alhura will help you lead your website or online store to the largest possible number of search results and target the largest possible number of keywords related to your domain.