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  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
Top 7 steps to become a successful manager

Top 7 steps to become a successful manager


People come to a point in their career when they are put in situations which make them take on more responsibility. Holding a management position can be an excellent way for professionals to enhance their career development, and to earn more money:

Are you wondering how you can improve your management style to inspire and drive your staff to achieve more? If you are wondering how to be a good manager and distinguish your company from competitors, there are a number of tips to think of its implementation in order to become a more effective leader for your corporation. Remember, there are ways to improve your management style. You will also be glad to know you can apply a set of lessons to boost your skills as a manager and leader in your corporation:

Managers are responsible for coordinating and supervising corporate projects and daily tasks. This makes their position a unique place within the company. This position has a particular influence to maintain business success. Absolutely, becoming a successful manager is not always easy. Here are eight steps which must be taken to become a successful manager and leader in your corporation:

1- Improve your communication skills:

One of the most important skills you will have as a team manager is the effective contact with your staff of employees and workers.

Good communication skills are also vital to motivate people and help them achieve more in their jobs. This is a sure way to get your workforce to exert more effort and extra hours to increase profits and bring in more clients.

Motivation works if you also make it clear what you are looking for and your aspirations for the future of your corporation by practicing your communication skills better. You will be able to improve greatly. Make sure your employees have exactly what you want from them to achieve.

2- Learn how to be a good manager by using Project Management tools:

When you are looking to boost the performance among your staff and become a better leader, one surefire way to achieve your goals is to use     the right task management and project management tools. This can help you better to track what your employees are doing on daily.

For example, Runrun.It programme offers a number of tasks and project management features that will enable you to keep track of the workflow progress in the company. You will be able to track time invested in the project and clients. It will help you become a more organized manager; Work with team members on a virtual basis to meet deadlines and keep track of project schedules as well as allocate tasks among your staff. It will also help you motivate your team by keeping track of all work tasks. The team is to communicate effectively with your staff.

3- Motivating your team will make you special in the management world:

When it comes to human behavior, it is very easy to get the most out of your staff. Your staff will achieve the job willingly. However, one of the best ways to get the highest quality work out of your team members is to make sure that they achieve the tasks done because they love the work.

This means that you may want to motivate your staff by getting to know some of the employees who reach the extreme of excellence and creativity.  You may want to reward them with some prizes; a small pay increase can be also a best way to get the best work out of your staff.

Your people will get the job done and deliver great results when they get paid more or gain some sort of prestige or appreciation in the company. On the contrary, when employees are not motivated, they become more and more lazy, and still get paid for their work. Then the worst results come.

Your team members will work even harder if they want to impress someone. This means you will need to show that you care and you will reward them for their efforts. These types of rewards are excellent motivators for the workforce. So make sure you know exactly what will motivate your team and fulfill these kinds of rewards.

4- Present structured feedback to employees and workers:

Besides using the right project management tools, having effective communication strategies, and motivating employees with appreciation or rewards, providing structured feedback will be very useful for your team and will help you become a better boss.

For example, annual (or seasonal) performance reviews should be planned by paying attention to individual employees throughout the year. It will help you provide more structured notes, according to The Muse Company. One of the first steps you might want to take is to figure out the best time of     the year to give performance evaluations at your corporation.

If annual reviews are given in December, you’ll want to set up January as the time when you let everyone know your expectations and goals for the next year. After that be sure to meet with every employee you manage to see if they have any concerns or questions in the future. Near the end of the year, meet with your team members to review their annual results.

Make sure that feedback is compiled for each employee several weeks prior to the review including sales reports, client’s comments, and the project deadlines. When reviewing these documents, ask yourself if the worker is achieving their objectives and having the results you are looking for! If not, find out how you can help them improve. If they do well, consider assigning them more complex proposals and rewarding them.

Identify how to set up the meeting and whether to detail every employee target or the proposal they’ve worked on throughout the year. Don’t forget to discuss the future goals and the ways which enable them to improve their positions.

5- Keep track of your company’s finances:

When you are looking forward to how to be a good manager, you will need to be attention of the money in your workplace. This means reducing the expenses and improve profit margin. You will have to understand how to keep the expenses low and how to increase the revenues.

 6- Focus on applying ethics in your management style:

It is essential to practice ethical management in your enterprise. There are many scandals like those in the banking industry that have led to big problems for companies in the past. You will have to avoid such scandals at all costs, which means that practicing ethical management is inescapable.

Basically, this means you must be completely honest in following; the rules of your industry, the laws of the place, and the traditions of the community. You must be honest with your employees, clients, team members, and any bosses.

7- Avoid micromanaging your team:

Some of the best managers are those who allow their employees the freedom to complete their work without being watched all the time. Trust your staff; they get the job done. Otherwise your employees will feel very in control and you will not be able to properly motivate your team to achieve optimum standards.

If you are a new manager, you may have difficulty leaving some of your daily responsibilities. But you will need to trust these employees to take on these tasks so that you will be able to take on your new supervisory role. Your team members will take on and excel in new endeavors if you show that you trust them to complete certain projects and tasks.

Make sure you have open and honest communication with your workers to ask questions and ask for help if anything happens. Be sure to share your employees the work to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed.

By avoiding micromanagement and allowing your team to take on more responsibilities. You will be able to boost confidence and strengthen skills among your team members. Plus, by avoiding micromanagement, you can focus on larger goals and initiatives to help grow your business.