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  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
The most important 9 tips to ensure increased sales of your online store?

The most important 9 tips to ensure increased sales of your online store?


Making a profit by selling something is the ultimate aim of any business, whether it is an online store or a real business. Although most employers know what they want to sell and how much sales they need. Many of them don’t know how to increase online store sales. Therefore, this is one of the basic questions for any employer who wants to succeed in increasing their online sales and making huge profits by building up an online store.


Occasionally, businessmen who have started their own professional online store think that it is easy to sell things through the online store. The simplest idea that comes in mind is to let people know that there is an online store and hope people will start buying from it. However, it is usually not enough to promote your products and services to get big revenue. Even if you have some amazing and unique products of very high quality, you may want to learn some additional tips to:


·        More sales.

·        More returns.

·        Better conversions.

·        More loyal customers.


In this article, we will give you some tips that can be used to increase the sales of any online store. These tips assume you have an online store and have already taken some steps in marketing your business. Therefore, the Egyptian Alalmiya Alhura Company for Information Technology by presenting this article aims at providing you with some suggestions on how to increase sales in any online store you own or manage. Even if you intend to design a new online store, we are with you.


1) Make your store easy to find:

People can’t find your products online unless you actually put them in front of their eyes. Did you know that people in the supermarket are more likely to buy things on the shelves at eye level? This is not surprising; there are many strategies that help in promoting an online store via the internet. So, we will not stop at this suggestion, but we will have it briefly.


Imagine someone is trying to find a new tire for a car; this customer will probably be in a hurry. So, he may not go through all the available options in the market. If the client wants a tire as soon as possible, undoubtedly, they will use Google and check as many stores as they appear first.


Of course, if you are already among the top 5 results for search engines, there are many other factors you must be interested in; such as design, delivery speed, prices, etc.... If you’re not there, that’s something to work on.


Make sure there are enough keywords on your online store and that they are all used correctly so that the search engine accepts them and chooses your own online store among all the other online stores. The first step that can help you increase your e-commerce sales revenue is to see and watch them often.


2) Let your visitors and customers compare:

As soon as the potential customers enter your online store, they need to be sure that they are making the right decision. It is very common for people to feel remorse after purchasing. Many are aware of that. To get them to purchase something, you have to innovate something to convince them they are making the right decision.


One of the best ways to convince customers is to let them compare your online store’s products and services with those of another online store. However, remember that people do not trust sellers who say things about other stores. It is always better to tell shoppers something good about other stores and then offer you some benefits.


For example, set up a section where your customers can compare prices.     If your competitors have the same price, you can always offer a discount or     a gift to go along with the main product.


3) Organizing retail operations and ensuring return of customers:

Automated marketing is one of the most useful tools to increase sales. There are many options on the market. For example, Active Campaign let you increase the sale of your merchandise and care for your customers in the sequence you limit. Automated procedures are based on your customers’ actions and behavior that make them seem natural and not annoying. Simultaneously, it reminds people of your business regularly. That is very good for marketing any online store.


E-mail marketing is still one of the best ways to increase e-commerce sales. However, most online store owners do not have an email list. According to FinancesOnline, marketing via the e-mail brings the highest return on investment. Set up e-mail lists and use marketing via the e-mail to share your audience and take care of potential clients.


An example of an automated procedure is that you have an online store that sells items for party planning. As soon as a customer purchases birthday party invitations, they can be put in a list to receive e-mails with other related products such as party toys, birthday cakes, candles, greeting cards and similar items.


Such recommendations often help customers innovate more ideas about products and services they desire to buy. Simultaneously, bring you more profits. Clearly, it is win-win situation.


Moreover, reminding people automatically of your store and its benefits helps you get more loyal customers. It is better than targeting new potential customers. Automated notifications are one of the most powerful selling tools nowadays. It is the most profitable strategy for any online store.


4) Keep track of anniversaries and personal discounts:

Words fail us when we talk about customer loyalty. Keeping your loyal customers happy and interested is among the best strategies to increase sales of any online store. Moreover, one of the best ways to keep in touch is to pay attention to anniversaries and other important personal dates of customers in order to send out discount coupons. People don’t appreciate more than you care about their personal matters.


For example, you can set up your own marketing program to automatically send a pleasant message with a discount on each customer’s birthday. If you suggest a good deal, they will not only buy something from you, but they will also remember your sponsor.


Another idea is to send special offers at certain intervals. For example, someone buys a water filter from an online store. Knowing how long it works, you can send an email reminder that overuse of filters can be harmful to health and suggest buying a new one at the custom purchase anniversary discount.


5) Social engagement increases sales more than you can imagine:

Social sharing is very essential today. Owning an online store or any business, you cannot ignore social events and keep silent. Undoubtedly, the more people talk about you, the more they buy. So another suggestion on how to increase the sales of any online store is to produce more content that you can share with the audience in social media.


Increasing social engagement is a very big topic. However, even the few small steps in social sharing for any online store are sometimes enough to increase sales. The most obvious way is to get a celebrity to talk about their brand.


There are hundreds of ways to increase contribution on social media. Although it is not the only place to do this, the website itself can be a great broker by generating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and converting potential customers into regular customers by providing them with useful information. It means; blogging is still more applicable. However, blogging content has to get smarter as the audience grows and develops rapidly.


6) Showcase your best products:

You may have heard of the Pareto Principle which states that about 80% of the effects come from 20% of the efforts. It also relates to sales.  Likely, you will get 80% of your revenue from selling only 20% of the items for sale. It does not mean that you do not need 80% of the goods but it just means you set priorities in order.


Once you start focusing on promoting fewer products that bring you the most income in your online store. You will be able to generate real growth, rather than paying to advertise all the products. You can focus on the main products. Moreover, you can suggest additional items as a guidance, which may also bring great results.


7) The explainer video increases the number of sales:

One of the best ways to increase e-commerce sales in the modern world is to add video to product pages on your online store. Photos and videos are people’s favorite now and they attract interaction instead of reading long and often boring descriptions. Customers tend to choose websites where they can simply watch a short video about a product and make a decision based on what they’ve seen.


About 74% of online traffic volume belongs to video. Clearly, people love the video. They don’t just watch it for fun but also for practical reasons. For example, imagine that you sell mattresses.

                Isn’t it easier to show a happy and relaxed person getting up on your mattress than to write a thousand words to describe that scene? Undoubtedly, video makes people want to buy. Smartly, use this principle.  They will definitely want to buy from you.


This advice also relates to the idea of selling by exploiting emotions and arousing feelings instead of selling just products. Show them how they will feel when they buy your product instead of posting endless stories about its benefits. So, it’s now all about emotions and visible material.


8) Be available to different payment options:

Owning an online store, you should be able to provide people with different payment options. There are a lot of them if you don’t limit yourself only to MasterCard and Visa.


By offering more payment options; including newer services that are becoming increasingly popular on mobile. You make it easier for potential clients to give you, their money.


Unforgettably, new trends appear all the time. Some time passed and no one has heard anything about Apple Pay. Now, it is getting more and more popular. This means that any online store offers this type of payment will have an advantage over those that don’t allow this payment option to be used.


9) Boost your audience’s confidence:

A way to increase sales of any online store is to make people interested in your products trust you more at every stage of the purchase process. This means you can improve transfers by checking each step and making it more trustworthy.


When customers come to a product page, they expect to see real and honest information about the product. So, if you add actual social guides and reviews, the product may be better accepted. For example, many online stores use this method to increase product sales; providing their clients with discounts if they agree to set a video on unpacking the product and actually use it for the first time.


Online reviews are also necessary to the success of any online store and any business in general. It is always better to have several opinions. If you also have some good reviews, make people trust you more. Otherwise, getting bad reviews is not that bad.