• العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
  • العالمية الحرة لتقنية المعلومات
Start your business without the need for a place

Start your business without the need for a place


In continuation to what we previously discussed in our two articles: (Development and Adaptation for Success in the Time of Corona) and (Exploiting Crises and Turning them into Successes); we will explain one of the most important aspects of adapting to crises and exploiting the opportunities of those crises and turning them into successes, which is to start businesses without the need for a place. Undoubtedly, this opportunity was exploited by many investors and adopted by huge commercial institutions.


Digital transformation has various aspects. The most important of them is the comprehensive transfer of all assets to the digital image, and the partial transfer of assets. Building a business and implementing profitable ideas completely in a digital image are considered the smartest digital steps at the current time, as they are much less in terms of construction costs and much faster in terms of application. In addition, they are easier in the marketing process and more stable.


Many people have implemented their profitable business ideas depending on the Online stores, whether in the form of a website or a phone application. Through the Online stores service, they were able to convert their ideas into an Online Store or an Online Market and form a huge base of customers and achieve huge profits in a very short period.


To make our discussion actual and real, we will provide you with a group of large commercial activities that were able to make use of the period of the Corona crisis and turn them into real opportunities to achieve huge profits by depending on e-commerce service.


Online Stores succeeded in the crisis period

1) Boohoo:

Boohoo is one of the fastest growing Online Stores in the world. Boohoo as an online retail marketplace offers several fashions with up to 100 new items arriving in the Online Store every day. It is an Australian Online Store. Most of the designs offered are less than 100 Australian dollars, and some amount to only 2 dollars, so the Boohoo Store became famous quickly in Australia, and it began to be highly relied upon by many users.


2) Medley:

Medley depended on the idea of ​​online stores as an opportunity to create an Online Marketplace in which this eco-friendly brand is committed to use only non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. It uses exclusively real wood, anti-allergenic wool and organic textiles. All of their products are free from fire retardants, ozone depleters, heavy metals, pesticides and carcinogens. Their products are not only responsibly made and of the highest quality, but they are beautiful as well! Medley has a range of elegant, handcrafted masterpieces for every room in your house.

3) The Outnet:

It is an Online Store of Online stores that offer exclusive discounts on more than 350 trade-marks. Outnet offers a lot of discounts on some of the premium brands that include Chloé, Stuart Weitzman and Oscar de la Renta. Outnet is one of the great Online Stores to visit if you’re looking for your first luxury item, but don’t want to spend your entire salary on it.

4) Flourist:

Flourist is an Online Store that aesthetically showcases both fresh ground grains, beans and flours like a fresh flower bouquet. Flourist sells fresh stone-ground dried goods and flour. Flourist as an Online Store offers more news and articles about the farmers they work with and how they grow with these products. Flourist as an Online Marketplace for vegetables, grains and flours is a haven for baked goods lovers.

5) BLK & Bold:

BLK & Bold was founded by Pernell Cezar Jr and Rod Johnson with the aim of helping the local communities through selling caffeinated beverages. BLK & Bold, as an Online Store, benefits from wholesale and direct-to-consumer selling as a force to provide young people with the tools to live their best lives and overcome unfortunate circumstances The company pledges 5% of profits to initiatives that support youth programs. It also promotes workforce development, and eliminate youth homelessness.

6) Meow Meow Tweet:

Meow Meow Tweet is best known as a vegan, organic skincare Online Store for its products made with natural ingredients. In addition, it has sustainable packaging featuring distinctive creative illustrations. Moreover, donating to organizations that align with its values ​​and support. Meow Meow Tweet offers a bulk refill program to reduce waste, and supports also a system for customers who want to return their empty containers to the team for reusing.


7) Rothy’s:

Rothy’s is a unique Online Store that transforms environmentally friendly materials into stylish shoes and accessories through 3D knitting technology. It also strives to achieve zero waste. And through Rothy’s reliance on the idea of ​​online stores, more than 60 million plastic water bottles have been converted into bags or shoes, and the number is increasing. Shoe boxes are also strong enough to be shipped without additional packaging, and they are biodegradable, and made from 85% post-consumer recycled materials.


8) Artisaire:

Artisaire is the greatest example of the art of wax sealing; from custom wax stamps to pre-made wax seals. Artisaire has brought back an old tradition again by setting up a professional Online Store that helps to sell its own classic sealing wax products. As Artisaire owns every step of the production process and manufactures all of their items in their Canadian factory. Thomsens family that runs Artisaire still find extremely happiness in writing their own thank-you notes and stamp each one by hand.


Now With Alalmiya Alhura Start your business more professionally


Noting the digital trend of trade all over the world and the preference of most investors and emerging business owners for electronic commerce and investing their money in Online Stores. Thinking and forethought about the matter has become a necessary thing. There is no doubt that the dominance of this trend worldwide has paid off on a large scale, and the evidence is the control of companies based primarily on e-commerce on the first places in terms of market values.


The idea of ​​starting an emerging business and expanding the existing businesses based on Online Stores is a successful and profitable idea in itself. That is because of the ability of Online Stores to protect business during periods of closure and crises, in addition to the ease of marketing products more on Online Stores through ads of social media platforms and ads on Google. It is also worth noting the low costs of digital marketing for Online Stores and the products on them.


Nowadays, the actual presence of the business is no longer of outstanding importance. It is rather not dependent on the place. Interestingly, Online Stores are legal places that offer thousands of products and are used by millions of users daily. All of this is with very simple set-up costs compared to the huge profits that accrue to their owners.


It does not depend on the cost or the place, but rather on the idea. If you have a golden idea and expect to make great profits through it, do not hesitate for a moment.


Contact now with Alalmiya Alhura Foundation. We will provide you with distinctive solutions technique represented in the service of professional Online Stores. We will enable you to turn your creative ideas into a tangible reality that achieves fantastic profits.