What You Get When Choosing A Web Hosting And Web Design Service With Alalmiya Alhura

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What You Get When Choosing A Web Hosting And Web Design Service With Alalmiya Alhura

If you are looking to create a website online, then web hosting and web design services are the first step you should take. Web hosting allows you to store your website files on a web server, allowing users to access your website online. Hosting services provide features such as custom domains, email, databases, statistical tools, technical support, and protection against cyber attacks. Therefore, choosing the best web hosting service can help you build a successful website online. And certainly, this is what you will get with us at Alalmiya Alhura. Keep reading to learn about the most important advantages you get with our web hosting service.

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Advantages Offered by Alalmiya Alhura at Web Hosting

Best Performance

We enjoy purchasing power more because we manage the hardware resources of many websites. Thus we invest in the latest technology that allows you to take advantage of high-processing power web servers with large internal memory and other computing resources. This, in turn, improves website performance and will enable visitors to load pages more quickly.

Technical Support Services

We provide technical support services capable of solving any problems with the performance of websites or applications. It also works on analyzing and simplifying sites and the role of technical support services in backing up and restoring data. These services, in turn, make the website run more smoothly.

Provide the Safety Factor

Our web hosting mainly provides the security factor to secure the infrastructure of websites, and this, in turn, includes operational, software, and physical procedures.

Ensure the Security of the Website

Ensuring the security of the website through the cyber security service is the first step to ensuring the safety of the servers first, and this is what we are keen to achieve in Alalmiya Alhura, as the data centers where the servers are located are virtually secure, and to increase security, we give only our employees who install and maintain the devices access to data centers.

Periodic Maintenance

We entirely relieve you of carrying out the routine maintenance of the server, as we provide it in the best way and by a group of specialists in this field. We also perform regular system updates, which contributes to maintaining high-security standards.

Control Board

We provide you with an easy-to-use control panel with the element of simplicity, one of the most critical factors a web hosting services should have.

Web Hosting Speed

One of the first factors that positively or negatively affect a customer's impression of your site is its loading speed. And the web hosting services have a direct and fundamental impact on the rate of websites. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to open, this will make the visitor close it immediately and will not open it again, and this is precisely the most important thing we seek to avoid.

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Criteria for Determining the Right Web Hosting Package

We offer many web hosting packages and plans, and you can select the right web hosting package for you depending on some essential factors, including

First: Storage Space for Your Website

It is natural to require a large amount of storage space to store web files, email messages, and databases when establishing web hosting services. When calculating the required storage space for your website, you should consider that your website will grow and attract more visitors, especially with us. This is because a decrease in storage space will adversely affect the user experience, making it a significant factor when choosing web hosting and design services. Our storage spaces range from 5GB to 25GB, and you can easily select your storage space.

Second: Email Accounts

All our web hosting packages include an official email service through which you can associate your email address with your company name, for example, our email, There is more than one type of corporate email; we provide you with all types to choose the one that best suits your budget and your website's activity.

Third: File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer and share website files. We need this service if your website has PDF or image files that the visitor must upload.

Fourth: Bandwidth

Bandwidth represents the amount of data transferred between the server that hosts your site and the user monthly. Small areas need a small data transfer capacity.

In contrast, large sites require a large data transfer capacity, which is a natural result of the increase in the number of visitors and the increase in the number of downloads.

Fifth: Additional Features

You can add other features when subscribing to one of our hosting packages. This, of course, will improve the efficiency and quality of your website, attracting more traffic and increasing the conversion rate on your site.



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