What Is Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing


What Is Digital Marketing?

E-marketing or digital marketing means the use of digital tools and devices in marketing products and services, this is the simple and brief definition to answer the question of what is Digital Marketing, but the matter carries with it many, many manifold issues and complex tasks, so to answer the question what is Digital Marketing? More objectively and in some detail, we must answer all of the following questions:

• What is online marketing?

• What is Digital Marketing via social media?

• What is Digital Marketing via search engines?

• What is content Digital Marketing?

• What is affiliate email marketing?

• What is email marketing?

• What is Digital Marketing via smart phone applications?

In this article, we will answer all of these questions to make it easier for you to understand what is meant by Digital Marketing and also to know how you can benefit from it!

Online Marketing
What Is Online Marketing Or Internet Marketing?

Online marketing or Internet marketing is one of the branches of Digital Marketing, which depends mainly on the presence of the Internet, and Internet marketing focuses on selling and marketing products and services through online stores. It should be noted that Internet marketing aims to achieve sales for commercial establishments, where this part is managed From Digital Marketing through the sales management department by displaying products, communicating directly with customers and registering their requests.

Social Media Marketing
What Is Social Media Marketing?

Digital Marketing through social networking sites is considered the strongest and most widespread of all types of Digital Marketing, thanks to the large customer base that uses social networking sites around the clock and everywhere. By relying on Digital Marketing companies, you can make professional and creative advertisements and deliver them To a very large number of customers through social networking sites.

Digital Marketing through social networking sites is a very distinctive way to be creative and develop the competitive position of your business. Through digital marketing through social media platforms, you will be able to easily address the target segments of customers, and achieve the largest possible spread of your brand.

Search Engine Marketing
What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Many people do not know the benefits that can be obtained from their reliance on Digital Marketing via search engines, as it is a very distinctive service and is characterized by great effectiveness in targeting real customers who are interested in a particular service, idea or product, through the Digital Marketing service through search engines provided by Digital Marketing companies Like the Egyptian Free International Company, you will be able to make your website top the search results.

It is worth noting that 90% of Internet users worldwide use the search network daily, which provides you with a huge number of customers looking for the product or service that you provide on a daily basis. Digital Marketing companies, you will be able to attract the largest possible number of searchers for your services and also guide them to the actual location of your business.

Content Marketing
What Is Content Marketing?

Digital Marketing with digital content is included in all types of digital marketing, whether the content is visual in the form of articles, graphics, and videos, or it is audio content such as voiceover and sound effects, it is used in Digital Marketing through social networking sites, digital marketing through search engines, online marketing and all kinds and branches other marketing.

As the famous businessman Bill Gates said, content is king. Digital content is one of the most powerful means of digital marketing, which provides many opportunities for creativity in marketing your products or services. Therefore, if you intend to rely on e-marketing with digital content, be sure to provide strong and useful content.

Affiliate Marketing
What Is Affiliate Marketing?

A type of digital marketing provided by many Digital Marketing companies. Commission Digital Marketing is characterized by its close connection with online marketing. It is based on achieving profits by achieving sales for some companies and taking an agreed percentage of the profit on each sale. It should be noted that there are 4 ways to pay for work in e-marketing with the commission, which are:

Cost Per Lead (CPL).

Cost Per Sale (CPS).

Cost Per Click (CPC).

Cost Per Action (CPA).

 What Is E-Mail Marketing?

Digital marketing via e-mail is a very important marketing method that is characterized by its strong results, as e-marketing companies use it to keep customers updated with all the latest developments in business activities and also notify customers of new offers and working hours on occasion, and therefore digital marketing through e-mail is an effective way to gain customers’ trust And convert the largest possible number of potential customers into actual and permanent customers of the business.

What is E-marketing Via Mobile Apps?

Mobile applications are one of the best and most widely used tools and means in marketing for many businesses, as restaurants, shipping and delivery companies, retail companies and many other companies use them in marketing their services and products in professional ways, especially the common use of mobile applications in displaying ads affiliated with Google. and Apple Inc.

e-marketing solutions
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• Supporting your competitive position: Alalmiya Alhura provides you with creative e-marketing solutions to take your business to advanced stages, and strengthen your competitive position in the market.

• E-marketing via social media platforms: One of the most important services provided by Alalmiya Alhura, which provides customers with a real and confirmed targeting of the required segment of customers.

• A capable marketing team: Alalmiya Alhura includes a distinguished team of digital marketing specialists, as the team works continuously to innovate the latest creative methods that will support and strengthen your business.

• E-marketing through websites: Through the e-marketing service, the free world will enable you to design a website or design a professional online store and prepare it professionally to rank among the search engines, as the website helps you manage your business and increase your sales.

• Search Engine Optimization: The search engine optimization service at Alalmiya Alhura enables you to configure your website to appear in the first search engine results.

• Targeting the required segment of customers: Alalmiya Alhura provides you with a highly professional Google advertising service that helps your website appear at the forefront of search engines. and achieve a higher percentage of profits.

• Content Marketing: E-marketing with content on social media platforms, websites, and e-stores helps you instill confidence in your customers, attract more new customers, and convert a large group of potential customers into actual customers.

Profit from e-marketing
How to profit from e-marketing?

Individuals and companies can make huge profits through digital marketing. Here are some basic steps that can be followed to achieve success in e-marketing:

  1. Determine the goal and target audience

The marketer must know precisely who the target customer is, what his needs and goals are, and what will motivate him to buy. The objectives of e-marketing must also be clearly defined.

  1. Building a website or online store

The e-marketer must build a website or online store that contains clear and detailed information about the products or services that are offered. The website should also be easy to use and have a good user experience.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing can be used to communicate with potential customers, provide offers, discounts, and updates about products and services.

  1. Use of social networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be used to promote products and services and connect with potential customers.

  1. Paid Ads

Paid advertising on the Internet can be used to increase website traffic and increase sales.

What is one benefit of using templates for email marketing campaigns?

Using templates in email marketing campaigns is an effective way to improve campaign results and increase response rates and user engagement. The benefits of using templates in email marketing campaigns are:

Saving time & effort

Templates can save the time and effort needed to create emails, as marketers can use pre-made templates that contain pre-made designs and scripts that are customizable and reusable.

Improve user experience

By using templates, marketers can improve user experience by providing relevant and easy-to-use email designs.

Increase response rates

Effective use of forms can increase response rates for email marketing campaigns, as forms contain specific content and appropriate designs that attract recipients' attention and prompt them to interact with the message.

Email marketing optimization

Effective use of templates can help improve email marketing in general, as templates can be used to identify effective and ineffective elements of marketing campaigns and make necessary improvements.

marketing tools
Digital marketing tools

Digital marketing includes many different tools that can be used to achieve marketing goals online, the most important of which are:

Social media sites

Which are represented by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and others, and can be used to interact with the audience and increase brand awareness.

Search engines

Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, and they are used to increase brand awareness, and thus increase website traffic.

Digital Ads

It is represented by Google ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others, and is used to increase brand awareness, improve search results and increase traffic.


It can be used for email marketing, connecting with customers, and increasing website traffic.

Content marketing

It includes creating useful and valuable content for customers through blogs, videos, photos, reports, articles, and more, and it can be used to attract consumers and motivate them to buy.

Influencer marketing

It includes the use of celebrities and prominent personalities to promote products and services, and can be used to attract audiences and increase brand awareness.

The most important questions about e-marketing
Some common questions

What are the marketing tools?

Marketing tools are the initiatives and methods that marketers use to achieve their marketing objectives. Promotional marketing tools such as ads and promotions include social marketing, mail marketing, e-marketing, content marketing, public relations, network marketing, conversion marketing, and bidding marketing. Marketers choose the most appropriate marketing tools for the marketing campaign and target audience to achieve the best result.

What are digital marketing platforms?

Digital marketing platforms are the tools and websites that allow businesses to reach a broader audience of potential customers online. These platforms include social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, search engines such as Google and Bing, and paid to advertise such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These platforms help companies increase brand awareness, increase sales, and interact with potential customers.

Is digital marketing the same as e-marketing?

Yes, digital marketing is a type of electronic marketing that aims to promote brands and products using electronic and digital means such as the Internet, smartphones, social networks, email, and paid advertisements. Although there are some differences in the methods and techniques used, digital marketing and e-marketing use the same basics in reaching the audience and improving the customer experience.

What are the advantages of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the effective ways to promote products and services over the Internet, and it has many advantages such as:

  • Determine the target audience accurately and target them effectively.
  • Track and measure results easily and accurately.
  • Providing a lower cost compared to traditional marketing such as advertising in newspapers and television.

What are the best and most used free and paid e-marketing tools?

There are many free and paid e-marketing tools, and the most used of them are:

Paid tools

  • Facebook Ads: for ads on Facebook.
  • Google Ads: for advertisements on the Google search engine.
  • Mailchimp: For sending via email and managing lists.
  • Shopify: for building e-commerce websites.
  • Google Analytics: To analyze websites and measure the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • Moz: For site ranking and keyword analysis.
  • Hootsuite: For social media marketing and content management.

Free tools

  • Facebook Pixel: To track visitors on your site.
  • Google Trends: To know the search trends on the Google search engine.
  • Google My Business: To manage your business information on Google and its appearance in search results.
  • Canva: for designing images and marketing content.
  • Buffer: To manage marketing campaigns on social media.
  • Open CMS: to manage content and post articles to blogs.

What are the most prominent programs that are used for YouTube marketing?

Many programs are used for YouTube marketing, but some of the most notable are

  • Google AdWords.
  • YouTube Partner.
  • Hootsuite Ads.
  • AdEspresso.
  • Hubspot.
  • Marketo.

What is the difference between digital and electronic content?

Digital content refers to any content (such as images, text, and video) that can be stored and transmitted in digital form, while electronic content refers to any content that is delivered and used over the Internet or other networks. In other words, digital content can be non-electronic (such as storing images on a hard disk), while electronic content requires an Internet connection or other networks to access.

What are the methods of digital marketing?

There are many methods of e-marketing, including:

  • E-mail.
  • Search engine marketing.
  • Social media.
  • Digital ads.
  • Content marketing.
  • Affiliate Program Marketing.
  • Video marketing.

What are the advantages of using digital marketing tools?

Some of the main advantages of using e-marketing tools include

  • Wider reach to the target audience.
  • Greater interaction with customers and followers.
  • The ability to accurately set the budget and allocate spending better.
  • Ability to accurately analyze and measure results and determine campaign effectiveness.
  • Save time and effort in managing marketing campaigns.
  • Cost saving compared to traditional marketing methods.

What are the most important tools used by affiliate marketers?

Affiliates use several important tools, including

  • Affiliate links that allow sales tracking and commission calculation.
  • Premium content that includes valuable information and tips to attract visitors and potential customers.
  • Targeted ads that target the right audience and increase the chances of success in attracting customers.
  • Email marketing, which is used to send direct marketing messages to potential customers.
  • Social media that helps to communicate with the public and publish marketing content.


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