What are Corporate Systems, Their Features, And Design Stages?

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What are Corporate Systems, Their Features, And Design Stages?


What are Corporate Systems, Their Features, And Design Stages?

We at Alalmiya Alhura work to meet the administrative and organizational needs of companies of different activities and sizes through the corporate systems that we design, which are divided into customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Design your company system with us to get all the available benefits.

Corporate Systems Used in Alalmiya Alhura
Corporate Systems Used in Alalmiya Alhura

We aim in Alalmiya Alhura mainly to support our customers and help them facilitate organizational work within the various institutions, and this happens through the services of designing and developing the corporate systems that we use. Aspects of corporate systems services include the following:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

It is considered one of the essential corporate systems that we apply with all of our customers, and the aim of using it is to meet all customer requirements, whether they are large or small, and it enables you to form a vast customer base, in addition to that it enables you to divide customers into segments, and this, in turn, facilitates dealing with them And one of its most important advantages is that it does not make you resort to many documents and papers to organize your work, but it automatically organizes all matters related to relations with customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

We enable your company or organization through ERP to use electronic application systems to organize all administrative processes through ERP. We at Alalmiya Alhura choose the appropriate project management and planning program for your company or organization, whose primary mission is to provide great flexibility in communication and integration between the departments of your organization.

Advantages of Applying Corporate Systems to Your Company
Advantages of Applying Corporate Systems to Your Company

Applying enterprise systems to your company can provide you with many benefits, including the following:

  • Improved efficiency: Enterprise systems can help improve the overall efficiency of your company by organizing and improving internal processes, saving time and effort, and reducing errors.
  • Inventory management: It also helps improve inventory management by accurately tracking materials, products, and inventory, thus improving cost management and reducing overall costs for the company.
  • Customer experience: Enterprise systems contribute to improving the customer experience and providing better customer service by improving order, delivery, and communication processes with customers and providing superior services.
  • Data analysis: Enterprise systems work to improve data analysis and provide accurate and reliable information about the overall performance of the company, thus improving decision-making processes.
  • Security: Improving security and protection against hacking and electronic attacks, thus protecting company data and customer information.
  • Communication processes: Enterprise systems can also help improve communication processes within the company, thus improving coordination between departments and employees and teamwork.

Stages of Designing Corporate Systems Programs
Stages of Designing Corporate Systems Programs

The process of designing and implementing corporate CRM and ERP systems goes through many stages until the customer gets a better result. These stages are:

  • Collecting all the information required from the client about the various tasks and characteristics on which the basis of corporate systems is based.
  • Work on analyzing the system required by the client and then determining the necessary steps and the required period for applying, designing, and programming the corporate systems system.
  • After that, we develop a specific preliminary work and pricing plan, and the agreement stipulates that both parties adhere to it.
  • Then we discuss the previous items with the client and show him the available ideas for the initial work plan, and we get his approval.
  • If necessary, we receive any required modifications and apply them according to the client's desire.
  • After completing all the amendments - if any - and agreeing on all the critical aspects, an agreement will be made between each of the two parties on the time and price specified for implementing this plan.
  • Alalmiya Alhura’s team starts working on the best electronic design platforms that are compatible with the analysis that has been done and the client's requirements.
  • During the design work phase, all reports are sent to the client, and pictures of the design achievements are sent to the client.
  • After completing the design process, the programming stage is entered, and what we guarantee you at this stage is to obtain flawless programming while adhering to the specific time plan that was agreed upon from the beginning.
  • Then comes the programming test stage, in which we test the system by programmers and make sure that the system performs all the tasks required of it and does not forget anything.
  • In the last stage, the employees of the client's organization are trained to use the company's management system so that it is easy for them to deal with it without referring to us later.

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