Web Design | Programming Languages Used And Design Steps

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Web Design | Programming Languages Used And Design Steps

Alalmiya Alhura Company provides a professional web design service with a team of the highest standards... more than 200 employees. Get the most powerful web design services thanks to Alalmiya Alhura, which has the most powerful tools and expertise, whatever the type of activity. The best investment for your business is to create a website that offers your services and multiplies your profits and, thus, the number of customers.

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Services Provided by Alalmiya Alhura for Web Design
  • Suitable hosting enables you to access the resources you want in terms of storage, memory, and bandwidth that are compatible with your price plan.
  • Using modern and advanced programming languages that provide you with the ability to make modifications to them quickly.
  • Design a website suitable for your brand and suit the desires of your customers.
  • Get the best security services, as we provide you with the Security Certificate (SSL).
  • We provide unique content that attracts the reader's attention and makes him want to continue browsing your site.
  • Obtaining the best technical support services after the web design is delivered.

Programming languages for web design
Programming Languages Used in Web Design

More than one programming language is used, and these are the languages used in Alalmiya Alhura Company:

HTML Language 

It is a markup language mainly consisting of commands and tags that web designers use in web design. A markup language is tags, which are plain text with tags designed to identify sections of a page, and hypertext is text with links that users can click on to move from one page to another or from one part of the same page to another.

CSS Language 

It is a descriptive language that mainly contributes to distinguishing the site with its unique shape and design. This language is often used with HTML when making a web design. Here, HTML is the basis for all elements of web pages, while CSS is the basis for the shape and design of the site, as without it the site would be text written on white pages.

Vue.js Framework

It is one of the JavaScript frameworks and aims to use to build web applications and front-ends for websites. This framework is characterized by high speed and outstanding performance, and it is an official and solid framework for carrying out various tasks.

Javascript Language

It is one of the most used programming languages in the market of web design and is used in programming websites and applications and adding special effects to pages. It has many advantages and uses, but its disadvantage is that it is a bit complicated.

JQuery Library 

It is a library that contains a set of quick and small functions, and its main task is to make the use of JavaScript more accessible and more flexible, as it works to shorten operations that need a large number of lines of code to a set of functions that are called with only one line of code.

Bootstrap Framework

The Bootstrap framework facilitates the process of pages’ web design, as it provides ready-made CSS classes that are used to display elements or components. Thus, we ensure that the designs that rely on Bootstrap in their construction will appear beautifully on different devices, whether mobile, computer, or tablet.

React Js Framework

The React Js framework specializes in developing website interfaces and mainly works on creating one-page interfaces. React Js in the background changes required elements without reloading the page, providing fast web page performance.

Angular Framework

The Angular framework is built on the TypeScript language and on components to build extensible applications. This framework offers many features, including routing, client-server communication, template management, etc.

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Steps to Creating and Designing Websites

Designing websites need to be arranged and organized, so we develop a specific plan that we are keen to implement to design websites. The following steps represent this plan:

  1. First, we start by making a clear feasibility study, and we share it with you so that you will be aware of the steps involved in the plan.
  2. Then, we will offer you the budget required to implement this plan.
  3. Then, we will let you know the timetable we are following to implement this plan.
  4. We will design a complete study of your destination market.
  5. We inform you of all the essential and influential elements that help you manage the market consciously so that you can control it at the right time.
  6. We are working to identify the target audience accurately, and we are conducting a study on its needs to provide it to them.
  7. We guarantee that your customer data will be completely confidential.

  8. In the end, you will get a distinguished site that achieves its purpose and enables you to reach your goal.

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The Importance of Web Design
  • It is the perfect investment for your business.
  • Wide spread of your business.
  • Brings more customers to your business.
  • Develops your business and keep up with technology.
  • Marketing your products on a freeway.
  • The ability to display the site in more than one language.
  • Increases the target audience segment.

  • Increases your customers' trust.

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How to Benefit from the Backend in Web Design?

The back end means working on electronic web design from the ground up, focusing on everything that cannot be seen on the website. Backend developers ensure the website functions correctly, focusing on databases and servers.  They also use codes that help browsers communicate with, store, understand, and delete databases.

Tools Used by Backend Developers in Alalmiya Alhura

Backend developers use various tools to develop, test and maintain websites. And we employ the best web design company, “Alalmiya Alhura” of these tools:

PHP Language

PHP is a programming language developed for web development, commonly used to configure websites and interact with databases. It is a powerful and easy-to-use programming language.

ASP in Web Development

ASP has a specific way of dealing with data and inputs, which makes it fast and provides a high level of protection at the same time. ASP works with MCV technology, and this technology is used to divide the different parts of the site, and this, in turn, provides us as programmers with greater control and it also provides us with more protection.

Python Language

Python is a general programming language that can be used in many fields, including web design. Python can be used in front-end development, but its most common use in web design is in back-end development, where it is used in developing scripts, managing databases, and developing essential website functions.

C# language

It is a modern and advanced programming language that we resort to in general uses, and it is an object-oriented language in its foundation as it is derived from the C++ language.  What distinguishes it from C++ is that it simplifies the complexities of this language.

Java Language 

It is an open-source and stable programming language. It is also used for general purposes; most importantly, it is a safe language.

Vue.js Framework 

It is a JavaScript framework intended to be used to build web applications and websites. This framework is characterized by high speed and outstanding performance, and it is an official and solid framework for carrying out various tasks.

Node. Js

Node.Js guarantees us obtaining professional results while ensuring that you save a lot of time and effort while designing websites. Node.Js is open-source and available to all programmers, so it is easy for us to use when designing websites.

Databases Used in Back-End Web Design

Programming languages ​​and databases have different roles. While programming languages ​​perform all logical, arithmetic operations, transactions and design program interfaces in the website, databases store data in addition to performing some procedures that help provide data and enable you to access them and organize and manage them easily.


SQL is a type of database, and it is a structural receiving language. This language is used in designing websites to store and process information in databases.  This information is stored in a table consisting of rows and columns representing the various attributes of the data and the relationships between that data.  We can also use SQL to maintain and improve the performance of databases.


MongoDB is used to manage databases and it is an open-source system that all programmers can use. This database is specialized in managing Non-Relational Databases. MongoDB also enables us to manage database information, whether it is commands related to deletion, modification, or addition.


The NoSQL database gives us complete information about data models: key values, graphs, and documents. We can quickly improve these models according to performance and size.


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