The UAE Supports Digital Transformation with Its National Program for Programmers

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The UAE Supports Digital Transformation


The UAE Supports Digital Transformation with Its National Program for Programmers

During the past few days, while the world was preoccupied with the European Euro Championship and the Copa America Final, the UAE was able to launch the “National Program for Programmers” by an official decision of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. The program is expected to reap its fruits once actual steps are taken to carry it out.


The “National Program for Programmers” aims to launch successive initiatives to support and enable digital transformation and develop national digital talents and skills based on attracting the best cadres, trainers, software experts, and digital activities from all over the world to the UAE. To achieve this development and construction, the state has allocated in its nationally developed program for programmers 100,000 golden residences as an official motivation from the government to attract software experts worldwide.

The “National Program for Programmers” ’s primary purpose is to provide the necessary infrastructure to establish, develop and expand the number of innovative software companies, develop talent and digital skills, and support large and emerging software companies estimated at 1,000 companies. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said on his official Twitter account that “the National Program for Programmers” is a new step to building our digital economy within our new national plans, justifying his decision to launch the program:

  • The world has been changing.
  • The speed of digital change is multiplying.
  • The shape of the economy will be different.
  • The nature of occupations will be replaced.
  • Survival will be for the most prepared, fast, and Keeping up to date with the new changes in our world.

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The Major Main Characteristics of the National Program for Programmers

The establishment of the National Program for Programmers was based on something other than something. Instead, the program was established based on careful studies and a vast investment budget that can be increased while successfully achieving the initial goals of the National Program for Programmers. And because the National Program for Programmers is of great importance to Emirati society and the future of individuals in the UAE, it was established and built on five main characteristics:

  1. Supporting all stakeholders involved in digital and technical activity, including independent programmers, pioneers, start-ups, major institutions, and universities.
  2. Create a comprehensive digital platform that connects programmers with emerging and large technology companies and local universities.
  3. Launching successive worldwide initiatives under the supervision of a vast selection of international trainers to develop the efficiency of local digital talents and interests.
  4. Attracting the best cadres and global digital and programming skills to the UAE, whose number in the program is estimated at 100,000 programmers.
  5. Suggest possible and supportive policies for the programmer’s sector in cooperation with various government agencies.

The Necessity of Expanding Digital Empowerment in All Fields

The digital orientation at the level of the individual or society is no longer an optional matter. However, it has become indispensable for everyone who wants presence, accompaniment, and emergence in the new world. Remarkably, there is no place in the future for those who do not maintain their development and the development of their activity through information technology. Digital empowerment and expansion do not stop at entertainment, digital games, searching, browsing, and using social media platforms; it is much more than that.

If we look closely, we find that the world is heading towards adopting digital currencies (Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency), which gives them great importance. Shortly there will be no paper or coin currency. Also, some of the jobs and professions that we see as essential at present, these jobs will only have an actual existence in the present. This causes concern for some who reject development and motivates others to develop and enter the digital world and take serious steps towards it.

If you look through a window into the recent past of accounting jobs which used to occupy the lion’s share of employment in large and medium-sized companies, you will find it nowadays is limited to a few jobs. This is because of the technology and digital empowerment represented in electronic accounting systems and accounting systems. What prompted entrepreneurs to go digital in accounting jobs is to reduce costs to a large extent. The price of accounting software and systems is never comparable to that of accounting staff who continuously require salaries.

By relying on a digital tool powered by artificial intelligence, built on a massive set of digital possibilities called, WILL ROBOTS TAKE MY JOB? Many professions and jobs will soon end with an actual confirmation rate. The jobs most vulnerable to disappearance are the jobs of accountants and auditors, as the fast, tireless accounting systems that do not miscalculate are sure to be much better than the employees.

Remarkably, some professions and jobs will disappear, and the importance of other positions will decrease; new jobs will also appear on the scene. The importance of jobs as programmers that exist and did not exist before will increase. The beautiful thing is that the new jobs that have already appeared and will appear in the future are jobs closely related to technology and intelligent systems, and this documents and supports our vision for the future.

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