the top 4 common questions to learn about Amazon Inspire?

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Amazon Inspire


the top 4 common questions to learn about Amazon Inspire?

After the emergence of short video clips on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, Amazon launched Amazon Inspire, which is a short video similar to TikTok and an image summary integrated into the Amazon shopping app.

The idea behind Inspire is that Amazon customers can explore, discover and shop for new products that match their personal interests - presented by influencers, brands and other Amazon customers.

It is now time for Amazon brands to take advantage of this new shopping feature to get more attention on their products.

In this article, we will cover ...


• What is Amazon Inspire?

• How does Amazon Inspire work?

• Who can post content on Amazon Inspire?

• How does it benefit Amazon sellers?

Amazon Inspire
What is Amazon Inspire?

Amazon Inspire is a new feature in the Amazon shopping app that allows customers to easily discover and shop products within a dedicated feed. Similar to TikTok or Reels, the platform will feature short-form video and vertical images or products curated from brands, customers, and Amazon influencers.

Customers can find new products based on their interests, and brands can showcase their products to potential new audiences - it's a win-win. Inspire is designed to make shopping an fun, engaging experience and a more attractive way to discover new products compared to traditional product listings.

How does Amazon Inspire work?
How does Amazon Inspire work?

For customers, it's very simple. Once users open Inspire, they will be prompted to select from a list of interests. After choosing the categories they're interested in, the shoppable feed will deliver video and image content based on those selections.

As mentioned above, customers will be able to shop for products as they browse the feed. Once they come across a product they're interested in, they can tap the product and will have the option to view more product details or "Add to Cart".

Amazon Inspire
Who can post content on Amazon Inspire?

As of now, there is no direct way to publish on Amazon Inspire, but there are three ways you can create content for Inspire.

Amazon Customers: Amazon customers who post product reviews with a video or image are eligible to appear in Inspire. Currently, there is no way to choose which reviews end up in the shoppable feed; it's just random.

In the image below, you'll see the star rating at the top, indicating this is a product review posted by a customer.

Amazon Influencers: If you're enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program, any images or videos you post on your Amazon Storefront will be eligible to appear in Inspire.

You can tell the image below was posted by an influencer because of the "Earns commissions" badge. This is a great opportunity to work with Amazon influencers in your niche.

Brands: If you have a brand registered in Amazon Brand Registry with an active Amazon store, eligible images you post on your Amazon posts will be eligible to appear in Inspire.

The image below was a direct post from the brand. As a brand owner, you should actively post content on Amazon posts to increase your chances of featuring your products in customers' shoppable feeds.


What are the benefits of Amazon Inspire for brands?
What are the benefits of Amazon Inspire for brands?

As you've now discovered, the biggest benefit of having your products appear in Inspire is helping new customers discover your brand and the products you offer. When your products show up on Amazon Inspire, you get:

• Increased brand exposure and awareness

• Potential to increase your conversion rate

• Opportunity to create branded shoppable posts

• Showcase lifestyle videos and images of your products

• Customers can purchase your products directly from their feed without visiting your listing

Are your products on Inspire?

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of what Amazon Inspire is, how it works, and how to get your products into the shoppable feed.

Do you have any other questions about Amazon Inspire or selling on Amazon? Let us know in the comments!

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Amazon Inspire

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