The Importance Of Cyber Security And Policies Used For Its Achievement

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Network security


The Importance Of Cyber Security And Policies Used For Its Achievement

Cyber security is a field that focuses on protecting electronic and information systems from electronic attacks and security threats. Cyber security includes protecting sensitive information and data and controlling access to it, and securing electronic networks and computer systems from electronic attacks, viruses, and malware. Cyber security is a required field in today's era, as reliance on digital and computer technologies grows in various areas, increasing the risk of system breaches, infiltration, and manipulation. Therefore, network security aims to protect electronic and information systems and ensure their safety and security.

Cyber Security
The Importance of Cyber Security

Digital systems is mainly relied upon in various institutions to ensure excellent customer service and reduce the project's total costs, thus increasing profits. Just as entrepreneurs are keen on preserving their physical assets, they must maintain and secure their digital assets against any possible intrusions.

Hacking digital assets is known as a “cyber attack.” A cyber attack leads to the disclosure of all the confidential data of your project and your customers with the possibility of it being stolen, disclosed, modified, or deleted, and this is what avoids the occurrence of the cyber security technologies that we offer you. The benefits of cyber security services include the following:

Prevent Violations

Network security techniques contribute to reducing the consequences of cyber-attacks that your electronic project may be exposed to. These fundamentally affect your company's reputation, financial condition, business operations, and customer trust.

Keep Up with the Latest Evolving Cyber Attacks

We at Alalmiya Alhura are always keen to keep abreast of the developments in cyber attack technologies, and this is because criminals are constantly innovating new tools and strategies to access electronic systems without permission, and this is what we are keen to avoid exposure to in the first place.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

In some specific areas, there are certain regulations, and upon compliance with them, the possibility of exposure to cyber-attacks is significantly reduced, and this is what we are keen to offer you in Alalmiya Alhura.

Network security
Policies Followed by Alalmiya Alhura to Achieve Cyber Security

Certainly, Alalmiya Alhura will contribute to protecting your identity, applications, and devices, and this is by achieving some essential factors, which are as follows:

  • Protect all data and accounts from unauthorized access by hackers.
  • Enforce a set of security policies at network control points across your entire organization.
  • Control over resource management, identities, and permissions at scale.
  • Close monitoring of network activity and account behavior on an ongoing basis.
  • Create a comprehensive view of the compliance status of your e-project.

Network security
Enterprise Cyber Security Strategy

A coordinated approach is followed to apply the cyber security strategy to organizations. This strategy is represented in the following elements:

First: Educating Individuals

Employees who work in different organizations are often unaware of the latest cyber threats and the latest technologies used in them, and they also need a broad background in the best practices that protect them from these threats. Therefore, in your organization, you must work to educate the employees on the basic principles of cyber security that work to reduce the risks of threats that may lead to the occurrence of unwanted incidents.

Second: The Technologies Used

Cyber security techniques are used with electronic organizations to protect devices, networks, servers, and connected data from potential threats to the system. We use firewalls, malware detection software, antivirus software, and Domain Name Systems (DNS) filtering to automatically detect unauthorized access to the system and thus prevent it from occurring.

Third: Operations

The IT security team at Alalmiya Technology Group executes a strong security framework aimed at ensuring continuous monitoring and reporting of known vulnerabilities in the computer infrastructure of various institutions. The framework is a tactical plan that works to ensure the immediate response and recovery of the enterprise from security incidents that the institution may face.

Cyber Security
Modern Cyber Security Technologies

Of course, there is more than one technology used to implement a network security strategy in Alalmiya Alhura. These technologies are as follows:

The Principle of Distrust

It states that no users, applications, or websites should ever be trusted, even if they are hosted within your organization. Thus, based on this principle, the relevant authorities make strict validation, and applications are monitored continuously. We are first interested in applying this principle in Alalmiya Alhura.

Intrusion Detection Systems

We use intrusion detection systems in Alalmiya Alhura to identify various cyber attacks with the ability to respond quickly.

Cloud Encryption

The cloud encryption feature encrypts data before storing it in cloud databases, preventing unauthorized parties from accessing and misusing that data in possible breaches.

Behavior Analysis

In this process, data transfers from different devices and networks are monitored to detect unusual patterns and suspicious activities.

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