The Best Brand Identity Design Service With Alalmiya Alhura

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Brand Identity Design Service


The Best Brand Identity Design Service With Alalmiya Alhura

Brand identity design creates a unique and distinctive personality for a brand or product. This service typically includes the logo design, colors, fonts, icons, patterns, advertising images, and other promotional materials that customers use to recognize and remember the brand. Brand identity defines and differentiates the brand from competitors while creating customer trust and loyalty. Brand identity design is an integral part of the marketing strategy for any successful brand. Learn about the services we can provide you and understand the importance of brand identity.

Brand Identity Design
Alalmiya Alhura Services in Brand Identity Design

By relying Alalmiya Alhura us to design the brand identity of your business, you will be able to obtain a set of advantages. These advantages are as follows:

First: Business Identity Design

We create a detailed report on your business activity, then conduct necessary studies and analyses. Then, a comprehensive survey of the most important competitors in the market is carried out. Next, the design team studies the report we have executed and, based on it, presents a range of proposals for designing the brand identity (Logo design), and provides texts that explain the ideas on which the brand identity design is based. The brand identity design process includes various activities, such as designing a restaurant and corporate brand identities.

Second: Design a Distinctive Slogan

The design of the company's slogan is independent of the graphic design service. Still, when you want to design an innovative slogan, cooperation will take place between the marketing team and the design team at Alalmiya Alhura, where the marketing team presents creative ideas based on their analysis of the market and their study of the company's activity and the preferences of the target segment of customers. 

After reaching the final words of the slogan, it is submitted to the design team to design the slogan in a distinctive way that expresses the company’s ideas and the value your business provides to customers through its products and services.

Third: Design Your Company’s Portfolio

Brand identity design services include designing a portfolio for your project. The portfolio mirrors your project in front of significant clients, government, and regulatory agencies. The portfolio explains all the details about your business, including 

  • Its purpose, vision, and mission.
  • Business card design.
  • A detailed and frank description of all your services and products.
  • It also contains company testimonials, customer opinions, business precedents, and company work policies.

Fourth: E-Marketing

After completing the design of your business logo, portfolio, and slogan, we can start the professional digital marketing stage. This is done through advertising campaigns on social media platforms, for which written content and graphic designs are created specifically for the marketing campaigns.

Fifth: Templates Design

The concept of templates is limited to some essential points, which are work reports, mail letters, invoices, and project reports.. in addition to many other things that align with the brand identity. The unification of these templates results in gaining customer confidence, in addition to enhancing the strength of the visual branding identity and making it more attractive to the audience.

Sixth: Written Content

After completing the design and implementation of the visual branding identity, the role of the content creation comes, and this arrangement is the correct arrangement because the audience draws its attention to colors, shapes, and patterns first, and then it looks at the written words. So, after you can attract a segment of customers to your services or products, you must pay attention to the written content. And you must make sure that the written content that you implement is representative of the brand identity.

Seventh: The Language Used

The language used in communicating with the public is chosen based on your vision of the project and the brand identity in general. And the language here does not mean choosing between Arabic or English only. Still, it means the style of speech, the tone used in advertising texts and marketing campaigns, and the direct interaction methods with the audience. The methods used with the public vary between the formal way of speaking, the humorous style, or the light language that is characterized as being closer to dialogue or discussion.

Advantages of Brand Identity Design
Advantages of Brand Identity Design with Alalmiya Alhura

After applying all these steps, we certainly guarantee that you will get many benefits, the most important of which are the following:

  • High accuracy in making market analyses and studying competitors.
  • We enable you to get innovative, creative ideas that are exclusive and unique.
  • The branding identity supports the vision and goals of your company or project, which gives those responsible for it an incentive to strive to preserve this identity.
  • Designing a brand identity in Alalmiya Alhura Foundation helps you gain customers' trust by maintaining continuous renewal and permanent development.
  • Speed in branding and logo design, considering the design's quality.
  • It mainly contributes to attracting more customers to your project, and this is precisely the primary goal of any project.
  • The possibility of expressing the services provided by your project with greater credibility with the business identity design.
  • Undoubtedly, it helps you increase the total profits of your project.

Elements of Brand Identity Design
The Essential Elements of Brand Identity Design

Also, learn about the other important factors we implement when designing a brand identity. You can choose to implement them all together, or you can choose to implement only some of them. These elements are the following:

Design of correspondence papers, greeting cards, designs for cars or vehicles, promotional gift prints, whether cups, pens, etc., contracts, invoices, seals, business cards, employee ID cards, official paper A4 vertical, official paper A4 horizontal, papers Certificates, A4 Notes, Notepad with Pen, Payment Voucher Receipt, Envelopes, Folder, Banner, Flyer, Agenda & Calendar, and Paper Bag or Carton.

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