Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level with the Smart Restaurants System from Alalmiya Alhura

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Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level with the Smart Restaurants System from Alalmiya Alhura

Alalmiya Alhura Restaurants Application is the best way to develop your restaurant, increase its profits, and protect it from technical problems.

If you own a restaurant or a chain of restaurants, you will inevitably face multiple problems in controlling the administrative matters of your business. There is no doubt that the increase in the volume of business and the increase in the number of customers in your restaurant leads to an increase in the possibility of errors and the emergence of many problems.

These problems are not only limited to administrative issues but also appear some problems related to customers and service, in addition to problems resulting from external influences such as social influences, health effects, and crises, where it should be noted that the situation of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic raised very many problems that affected many restaurants. Not only the small ones but also affected many large restaurant companies and chains.

We cannot ignore the problems related to takeaway and delivery, the issue of delaying orders for the time agreed upon with the customer, the problem of delivering cold food with poor quality and other issues, it can give a wrong impression to customers about your restaurant, and it is worth noting that the occurrence of these problems leads to much loss of customers as a result of the inability to control the event of such issues.

Suppose you continue to read this article; you already suffer from these problems, but do not worry. In that case, Alalmiya Alhura Foundation provides the perfect solution to all these problems. Where you can now, through the restaurant's application provided by Alalmiya Alhura, manage and control your restaurant's activity with ease and flexibility. The restaurant's application also offers many advantages that will enable you to satisfy all your customers and solve their problems in requesting your services. In those, we will review the essential benefits of restaurants and how the restaurants' application will help you solve your restaurant problems.

Advantages Of The Restaurants Application
The Most Important Advantages of the Restaurants Application from Alalmiya Alhura

Alalmiya Alhura provides you with an integrated restaurant application that provides ease and flexibility in managing the restaurant for the restaurant owner and many advantages for customers, restaurant workers, and the delivery team. It is worth mentioning that the restaurant's application is a comprehensive software system for all activities and operations that occur within the restaurant, and we will highlight the advantages of the restaurant's application in the following aspects:

The Advantages of Restaurant Management

The restaurant application provided by Alalmiya Alhura offers compelling features that enable the management to collect customer data, analyze it, and use it later in marketing and selling through a complete control panel that allows the restaurant management to:

  • Review the profile of each customer and keep customer data as a stable base.
  • Manage reservations inside the restaurant to prevent crowding.
  • They are fulfilling customer requests by facilitating online booking and ordering processes.
  • Follow-up work within the restaurant branches.
  • Follow up with home delivery representatives.
  • Receive customer notifications, reviews, and opinions on the level of service, food quality, and delivery speed.
  • The restaurant application enables you to add all your products as you wish, add prices, and all product details.
  • The restaurant's application helps you add special offers on products and discount codes for the restaurant.
  • The restaurant application allows you to add more than one restaurant branch with a selection of products for each department.
  • Through the restaurant's application, you can add tables with a bar code assigned to each table, in addition to the ability to send the request to the nearest representative.

 The Advantages that the Application Provides to Users

Alalmiya Alhura offers you a professional restaurant application, which not only provides you with significant benefits but also provides your restaurant customers with many advantages and flexible services that increase the confidence of your customers in your restaurant and also help you to attract and acquire many new customers and form the most extensive base of regular customers.

  • The restaurant's application allows customers to order on a specific date and permanently.
  • You will get a particular application from a restaurant that helps your customers order delivery orders or pick them up.
  • A restaurant application that allows your customers to collect from any branch that is not restricted to geographical scope.
  • The restaurant's application allows the user to re-order any of the previous orders.
  • Your restaurant's customers will enjoy the service of booking favorite tables via a QR code.
  • The restaurant's app provides you with a compelling feature which is the rewards program that helps you maintain your customer base by:
  • Get money in your wallet when you invite anyone.
  • Get cash back when using the application.

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Why Have Your Application Better than a 3rd Party Provider?

The primary purpose of the participation of restaurant owners in comprehensive restaurant applications such as Talabat is to obtain the most significant number of customers because these applications provide restaurants and cafes with a large base of customers who want them, and they also offer delivery service and suggest the nearest restaurants and provide a variety of ways paying off.

But looking at the negative aspects of comprehensive restaurant applications, you find that they do not fully achieve the desired purpose; there is no doubt that they help provide many customers for the restaurant or cafe, but in return, they take a large percentage of the profit. There is often a delay in orders to customers, and the reason is the app's delivery agents, which leads to your restaurant getting negative reviews from customers and losing many customers.

In contrast, you will avoid such errors when owning a restaurant application for your restaurant business. It is worth noting that the restaurant application provided by Alalmiya Alhura is a professional application designed specifically to support your restaurant, facilitate the sales process, attract many new customers, and maintain and supply the existing customer base.

Alalmiya Alhura Restaurants application will provide you with great ease and flexibility in managing your restaurant or chain of restaurants, as you will be able to own a professional restaurant application that provides you with all the advantages of comprehensive restaurant applications, helps you avoid their flaws, and significantly strengthens your relationship with your customers.

The restaurant application provides a flexible and easy-to-use interface for customers, and it also provides them with many advantages that make them certified mainly in your restaurant application, ordering and booking through it.


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