Social Media And Its Role In Marketing Your Project

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Social Media


Social Media And Its Role In Marketing Your Project

In Alalmiya Alhura, we have an integrated team of social media specialists who take full responsibility for managing social media accounts and marketing them while following promotional and marketing strategies to increase sales and attract more and more customers.

Social Media Team
Functional Tasks of the Social Media Team in Alalmiya Alhura

Our social media team performs many tasks that contribute to managing social media accounts and promoting social media platforms for your project or company. These tasks are the following:

  • One of the most important goals the Social Media team puts in front of its eyes is to increase the number of real followers and the interaction rates on publications on all social media platforms.
  • Our social media management team is also well-versed in the basic SEO rules that contribute to making your web pages the first Google search results.
  • The social media specialist may need to use marketing tools like Buffer.
  • Our social media management team is well-versed in crucial performance indicators known in the information technology world as "KPIs".
  • We keep abreast of all the developments on the various social media platforms to maintain our ever-evolving and renewed level.
  • One of the primary tasks that our team performs perfectly is data analysis.
  • Quick communication and discreetly responding to all customer inquiries help attract more customers and convert potential customers into actual customers.

Alalmiya Alhura
What we commit to in Alalmiya Alhura
  • Adhere to marketing plans that contribute to the development of your business and create a specific time plan to achieve certain goals at a specific time.
  • Monitoring competitors and keeping track of their latest work to beat them and continuously deliver the best.
  • The Social Media team maintains constant communication with many other departments in Alalmiya Alhura, such as the sales department, customer service, marketing department, and product development team.
  • The task of the social media team is not limited to publishing only. Still, it also works to supervise and follow up on the content that is published on an ongoing basis on social media ads.
  • The team also measures and determines the success of marketing campaigns carried out by Alalmiya Alhura through social media ads.
  • The team works to solve any technical problems that may occur in the social networking sites of your business.
  • One of the digital marketing methods that we use at Alalmiya Alhura is to resort to the most famous influencers on social media platforms to promote and spread your business among the target audience.

Social Media Team
The Skills of the Social Media Team in Alalmiya Alhura

In Alalmiya Alhura, we only hire individuals with high capabilities and skills that make them easily outperform the competing companies working in the same field. So, we make sure that our team has some basic skills. Below we will inform you about these skills:

  • Our team comprises individuals with high bachelor's degrees in e-marketing.
  • All of them have great experience in this field and the certificates and courses they have obtained.
  • Managing and organizing time and tasks is one of the first and most essential elements our team is keen to implement accurately.
  • They can accurately analyze the customer's behavior so that they can provide what he needs and thus gain more customers, which leads to increased sales.
  • There is no doubt that the Social Media team at Alalmiya Alhura has creative skills in writing content that works to attract the audience and gain their trust.
  • It has a high ability to solve all customer problems in a way that ultimately satisfies the customer with the level of service.
  • Our team receives all suggestions and is keen to implement them to satisfy the customer and develop your business continuously.
  • No matter how great the work pressure is, our team can withstand this pressure while delivering the best results simultaneously.

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