How To Get A Professional Infographic Design?

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Stages of designing an infographic


How To Get A Professional Infographic Design?

Infographics are considered one of the most used marketing methods during the past decade, thanks to their great ability to clarify and simplify ideas and information. Infographics are also considered an interesting teaching and explanation method. Despite that, many people still do not know the meaning of infographic designs, and do not know their importance. It often asks a lot about the concept and purpose of that walrus.

As a major information corporation with great experience in design and software work, developing software and marketing solutions, we will provide you through this article with a general idea of ​​what infographic designs are and on what you can rely on a professional infographic design and how you can get a professional infographic design.

Infographic Design
What Are Infographic Designs?

In the beginning, let's get acquainted with the literal meaning of infographic, there is no doubt that the term infographic is not an Arabic word, but rather an English word - infographic - which means graphic information scheme, and it is clear from the verbal interpretation of the word infographic that it consists of information and graphics, where infographic designers use infographics and explanatory to facilitate the delivery of ideas to the mind of the reader.

Thanks to the effectiveness of infographic designs and their great ability to clarify and simplify complex information and ideas, they are used in many situations in our daily lives. General, and this is a small part of the uses of infographic designs.

The Most Important Uses Of Infographic Designs

The use of infographic designs is not limited to illustrative maps only, but the uses of infographics are many and varied, as they are used as an illustrative method in all fields, and the most important uses of infographics are:

1- Advertising Uses

Infographics are widely relied upon in the marketing field, where infographic designs are used by companies to explain and clarify the advantages of the products and services they provide, and the use of infographic designs does not depend only on digital marketing, but is also used as a method of traditional marketing such as banner ads and company profiles.

2- Statistical Uses

There is no doubt that infographic designs, with their distinctive shapes and interesting colors, are the best way to express the statistical survey data. It is worth mentioning that the statistical graphic data is often expressed in numbers, but with the large number of data deduced from the survey and statistical measurements, numbers abound, which makes it very difficult and boring at the same time.

Infographic designs help shorten the explanation of statistical data, and on the other hand, they also reduce the period of understanding, and therefore they are frequently used in scientific research, they make the data more interesting to attract attention to it and understand it more easily.

3- Educational Uses

Infographic designs are widely used in educational activities, especially in the primary educational stages, to greatly facilitate and simplify information for children. There is no doubt that infographic designs are the best way to make the educational process more enjoyable and less complicated.

The educational use of infographic designs does not depend only on the primary educational stages, but is used in many educational and cultural sites, such as scientific conferences, magazines, scientific books, websites and newspapers, where the data shown in the form of infographic designs attracts the reader’s eye with a greater percentage than the data shown in the form of texts. Written and numbers.

4- Awareness Uses

Sometimes it is necessary to have very quick awareness methods that help educate people quickly due to the spread of a certain danger, and one of the most situations that the world has experienced is the Corona crisis, where it was necessary to educate everyone about the danger of the outbreak of that epidemic and the need to follow preventive measures and methods.

All health and media organizations and governments have resorted to using infographic designs to publish and clarify the precautionary methods and measures that must be followed by everyone, and governments have also used infographics to clarify the numbers of daily injuries and deaths due to the Corona epidemic, to keep citizens fully informed of the events, and the infographic designs were good Help the world control that epidemic.

Types of infographic designs
The Most Popular Types Of Infographic Designs

The types of infographic designs differ according to their purpose, wherein infographic designs are used to simplify the presentation and clarification of data, and there is no doubt that each type of data needs a distinct way to explain and clarify it, as digital data differs in the way it is explained from health information, and therefore we have classified the types of infographic designs The infographic is as follows:

 1- Infographic Designs

This type of infographic design tends to blend text, graphics, and graphic shapes, in addition to the use of different colors, in order to simplify and clarify a topic, and this type of infographic designs are often used to simplify large articles or videos with large content.

2- Practical Infographic Designs

Flowcharts, diagrams, and even timelines are often used in this type of infographic design to guide readers through a series of steps or to help simplify the process of making a particular decision.

Practical infographic designs are an excellent way to clarify the steps for completing some work in many situations, as they are relied upon to clarify the work steps in companies and factories, and they are also relied upon to clarify work steps and guidance in chemical laboratories.

3- Tabular Infographic Designs

Tabular infographic designs are one of the most widely used and most important types of infographic designs, as this type of infographic designs are used to explain and clarify timelines and schedules, and here they are frequently used in companies to clarify the company's practical plans.

Tabular infographic designs are also used to illustrate the history of companies' development, as some companies rely on clarifying the history of their establishment and growth in the form of a professional infographic design for presentation to customers.

4- Hierarchical Infographic Designs

Hierarchical infographic designs are the best way to display the data to be presented in the form of levels and stages. For example, this type of infographic designs are used to display and arrange data levels on the basis of priority, difficulty or importance, in the form of a hierarchical arrangement of data levels.

5- Anatomical Infographic Designs

This type of infographic design is used to clarify and simplify data by dividing it into segments and displaying it in distinctive designs, and here a lot of text is used alongside graphics and expressions that make it easier for the reader to understand the information.

After we have clarified the most important types of infographic designs, and also explained the most important uses of infographics, it becomes clear to us the importance of infographic designs in our daily lives, and the extent to which we rely on infographic designs constantly without feeling it, and it is worth mentioning that infographic designs are not an easy thing to design, but rather need a creative and expert designer in Using design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


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