How Does Your Business Benefit From Google Ads?

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Google Ads


How Does Your Business Benefit From Google Ads?

Google Ads is among the most influential and popular advertising platforms marketers and business managers use daily.

The Google Ads platform did not gain that fame out of thin air. Instead, the specific results obtained by marketers and advertisers had a role in expanding its popularity, as it harnesses a vast number of daily searches, amounting to 3.5 billion searches, and by relying on the Google Ads platform, whether your business is Big or small, Google ads will inevitably enable you to achieve satisfactory results.

Many users mistakenly believe that Google ads are limited to the quality of advertising on the search network, those ads that make your site or the sponsored page appear in the first search engine results. Instead, Google ads or Google AdWords include multiple types of ads through which you can support and develop your activity. The kinds of Google ad managers are as follows:

  • Search Ads.
  • Mobile Application Ads.
  • Video Ads.
  • Google Display Network.
  • Google Shopping Ads.

Types Of Google Ads
What Is The Purpose Of Multiple Types Of Google Ads?

The main reason behind the multiple types of Google ads is to suit the interests, preferences, and characteristics of customers who use the search network and the suitability of the types of marketing content that will be placed in a funded advertisement. 

It is worth noting that the diversity of google ad manager is one of its most vital advantages, as it allows a variety of choices for its users to target their customers correctly to get the most significant possible customer interaction with Google ads. Below we will mention the role of each type of Google ad, the advantages of each class, and how you can take advantage of it.

Google Search Ads

This type of Google ad manager aims to produce the results of search engines, and this is done by specifying the ad creator for a set of keywords that he wants his ad to appear when used in a search by users.

This type of Google ad appears in advanced search results with natural search results, and Search Ads can also appear in the side column of the search results page on the computer and laptop screen.

Search Ads is the best choice of google ad manager when the content of your ad is text, where you use the article content for advertising a product or service. Therefore, online stores and businesses rely on Search Ads to market their products. This type of Google AdSense enables them to display product details such as product type, tag, image, price, and the name of the website or online store.

The cost of search ads is not calculated by the user taking a specific action with the advertisement, as it should be noted that this type of Google AdSense is called Pay-per-click (PPC), meaning pay-per-click. It is called that name because Google does not calculate advertising costs except when the user clicks on the advertisement or its add-ons, which are "business contact numbers - other links to website pages - business geographical location information - email communication options."

Mobile Application Ads

This type of Google AdSense depends on showing ads in Android applications, where Google owns the Google Play Store, which includes millions of phone applications; Google displays mobile application ads (Google ads app) on the most downloaded and most used applications after the application owners agree to the terms of appearance Ads on their apps.

Google ads that appear in phone apps feature multiple positions and forms of advertising, where ads can occur in the image of banners below the screen and can also be displayed in a video image that appears during the use of apps; it is also worth noting that Google ads app not only enables you to promote products and services but also enables you to promote and deploy a phone app and attract more users.

Video Ads

Video is considered the best way to showcase and explain products and services, as video content utilizes a variety of elements that appeal to the most significant number of viewers' senses. Videos rely on sound, visual effects, graphics, animated images, live audio, and video recordings. They can influence viewers' decisions, making video ads the top-performing ads on Google for engagement and generating returns.

Google owns the global video platform YouTube, the world's largest video platform, with over 30 million visitors and over 5 billion daily video views. YouTube provides a variety of ad formats that cater to all advertiser interests and desires, including:

  • Display Ads or Banner Ads appear at the bottom of the video.
  • Sponsored Cards.
  • Small Sticker Ads (up to 6 seconds in duration).
  • Skippable Video Ads (up to 3 minutes in time).
  • Non-skippable Video Ads (15-20 seconds in duration).

The cost of video ad campaigns on YouTube is based on actual interaction with the ads, including direct clicks on the ads, clicks on image ads, clicks on sponsored cards, or watching the entire video ad or at least 30 seconds of it.

Google Display Network Ads

Google Display Network Ads are the primary type of Google ads that appear on various websites, blogs, and phone apps after the website owners and bloggers agree to display Google ads on their sites through Google AdSense. Google Display Network ads appear as image ads, banner ads, or videos on webpages, blogs, and phone apps, and the cost of the ad is calculated based on a variety of interactions that the ad creator selects as the best fit for their ad, including:

  • Cost per impression or the number of views.
  • Cost per click on the ads.
  • Cost per view of a particular duration of video ads.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads targets e-commerce businesses that sell their products and services online, such as e-commerce stores and companies with a website to display their products. These ads are characterized by their ability to communicate developments, some of their data, and descriptions on the search network, and by clicking on them, they redirect to the product page on the company's website or store.

Alalmiya Alhura Advertising Company Specialized in Google Ads
Alalmiya Alhura Advertising Company Specialized in Google Ads

Alalmiya Alhura Company is a specialized advertising company that provides Google advertising services. The company relies on its extensive experience delivering digital marketing services and is the technical support for its clients' competitive centers. Alalmiya Alhura Company provides a comprehensive and diverse range of marketing services that primarily rely on paid advertising campaigns, including social media marketing campaigns and Google ads.

Through its Google advertising services, Alalmiya Alhura conducts technical analysis of the job market and studies leading competitor websites on search engines. This enables the company to help your website and products rank first in search results, appear in YouTube videos, and appear on high-traffic websites, helping you increase your sales and achieve maximum profits.

What are the benefits and features of Google Ads?
What are the benefits and features of Google Ads?

There are several benefits and features of Google Ads, including:

  1. Broad reach: Google enables advertisers to reach a large audience of users online, including those who use Google's search engine, websites, and other applications.
  2. Complete control over ad budget: Advertisers can set and adjust their ad budgets at any time and can control costs by setting bids on keywords and managing the cost per click.
  3. Targeted advertising: Google allows advertisers to target the right audience by using keywords, websites, smartphones, tablets, geographic locations, and people who have previously visited their website.
  4. Performance analysis: Advertisers can analyze their ad performance using data analysis tools available through Google, helping to improve ad efficiency and identify more strategic opportunities.
  5. Efficiency and effectiveness: Google Ads provide advertisers with effective and efficient results when campaigns are managed well, increasing conversion rates and driving traffic to their website.
  6. Ease of use: Google Ads are easy to use, allowing advertisers to create and manage their campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Steps to create a Google Ads campaign
Steps to create a Google Ads campaign
  1. Create a Google Ads account: Advertisers must create a Google Ads account by visiting the Google Ads website and starting a new account. After logging into the account, they can begin creating ad campaigns.
  2. Create a new campaign: Start creating a new ad campaign by clicking the "Create new campaign" button, then choose the advertising goal you wish to achieve, such as increasing sales, promoting brand awareness, or increasing website traffic.
  3. Choose keywords: Choosing the keywords they want to target, which are the words users search for when using Google's search engine.
  4. Create ads: Advertisers must create ads suitable for their campaigns, such as text, images, and video.
  5. Set budget and bid: Then, they must set their campaign budget and bid on targeted keywords. They can set a daily or overall budget for the campaign and the bid value on the targeted keywords.
  6. Target audience: Advertisers must target the audience for their campaign, such as age groups, gender, geographic location, and devices used.
  7. Evaluate performance: Advertisers can evaluate their campaign's performance by monitoring the number of clicks, impressions, and conversion rates and work to improve the movement by improving the ads or making changes to audience targeting or keyword bidding.
  8. Optimize landing page: Advertisers must optimize the landing page that users are directed to from the ads. The landing page should be high quality, user-friendly, and contain helpful user information.
  9. Prepare for advanced ads: Advertisers can work on preparing advanced ads such as Google Shopping ads, dynamic ads, voice ads, mobile-targeted ads, and YouTube-targeted ads.

Some common questions
Some common questions

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service provided by Google that allows advertisers to display their ads on Google's search engine, as well as on social network platforms and websites affiliated with Google. Advertisers can choose the type of ad, targeted keywords, campaign budget, and target audience. The service's targeting capabilities are based on the user's location, search keywords, interests, and online behavior. This allows advertisers to display their ads effectively and target the right audience to increase the chances of success in their advertising campaigns.

How can I create a free ad on Google?

Creating ads in Google Ads for free is impossible, as prices are determined based on the number of clicks or view the ads receive. However, you can use services like Google My Business to create a free page for your business and encourage customers to provide positive reviews and ratings for your assistance. This can help increase your business's visibility in Google's organic search results. You can also promote your content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, which can be used to interact with your potential audience for free.

How do I start advertising?

  1. Visit the Google Ads website.
  2. Click the "Get started" button and enter your email address and website.
  3. Follow the basic steps to create a new Google Ads account. You will be asked to select the country and currency you want.
  4. You must create a new advertising campaign after creating a new Google Ads account. You can select the type of ad campaign you want, such as text, audio, or visual ads.
  5. Set your budget and the keywords you want to target in your advertising campaign.
  6. Enter your payment information, and your account and advertising campaign will be activated after payment confirmation.

Are Google Ads useful?

Yes, Google Ads can benefit businesses that want to reach a larger audience and increase their online visibility. By using targeted keywords and demographic data, companies can display their ads to potential customers interested in their products or services, leading to increased website traffic, sales, and conversions. However, having a well-planned advertising strategy and regularly monitoring and adjusting campaigns to ensure maximum effectiveness is essential.

How do I subscribe to Google Ads?

To subscribe to Google Ads, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a Google account if you don't already have one.
  2. Log in to Google Ads via the following link:
  3. Click on "Get started" to create a new advertising campaign.
  4. Choose the type of campaign you want to advertise (such as search, display, or video campaigns) and enter the required information, such as keywords, your website, etc.
  5. Set your advertising budget to determine how much you spend on advertising each day or month.
  6. Create your ads using text, images, or videos that will appear to users when they search for the selected keywords.
  7. Confirm your settings and submit your advertising campaign.

How can I appear as the first result on Google Ads with the lowest price?

  1. Choose your keywords carefully: You should choose keywords that your target audience commonly searches for and that are relevant to your ad content.
  2. Create a compelling ad: Your ad should be clear and attractive and include a concise title and description that encourages visitors to click on the ad.
  3. Target your ad placement: You can target the site where you want the ad to appear so that it is relevant to the advertising audience.
  4. Adopt smart bidding strategy: Smart bidding uses artificial intelligence to determine the best bids and time to display the ad.

Test your ad: The ad can be improved by comparing the results with different copies.


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