Global free and pro Max partnership crowned with success

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Global free and pro Max partnership crowned with success

Often the partnership between institutions is established for the purpose of achieving a specific goal that serves the interests of all, and given the position of the partnership between Alalmiya Alhura for Information Technology and ProMax Film Production, the purpose of forming this partnership was aimed at development and creativity, and indeed success was the ally of cooperation between the two companies in achieving unique results. With creativity and excellence, the cooperation between the two sister companies continues to achieve new creative development goals that serve the interests of both parties.

The huge successes that have been achieved have greatly benefited both companies, which made us in Alalmiya Alhura proud of the distinguished success partner ProMax Film Production, so we wrote this article to present and explain to all our followers the aspects of the partnership between the two companies and the elements of success achieved through that partnership.

ProMax Website
First: ProMax Official Website

The contract to create the website for ProMax was the beginning of the partnership of success between the two companies, and from here we, in Alalmiya Alhura, started planning for the creation of the website, and carrying out extensive studies on the purpose of creating the site and the initial images of the site, and after doing all the studies and analyzes and finalizing the development of the website, site creation plan Work began immediately on the implementation of the construction plan.

The implementation process began by placing a set of proposed designs on ProMax, and after adopting the official direction in the design of the site, work began to complete the entire site design process, including all the main interface of the site and all its internal pages, the programmers in Alalmiya Alhura program and develop the user interface and the interactive interface of the site.

It should be noted that the official website of ProMax Film Production was programmed in a special programming style from the ground up to ensure the best performance of the site during its use by visitors and followers, and the site was designed taking into account the interactive purpose for which it was built, which is to keep the followers and users of the site fully informed of the latest Company news and its latest work.

Thanks to God first and then thanks to the hard work of the team of programmers and designers and the supervision of the company’s management on the work team to complete the ProMax website project with the highest quality, efficiency and the fastest time, the website was well received by the management of ProMax Film Production, as well as by all users and visitors who entered On the site, that was the first success criterion for that project.

Before Forty's Movie
Second: Before Forty's Movie Poster

Before Forty, a psychological horror movie, produced by ProMax, starring Basma - Ehab Fahmy - Dalia Mostafa - Ahmed Halawa - Gamil Barsoum, and directed by Moataz Hossam. The movie Before Forty is considered one of the strongest horror films in Egyptian cinema. The film is a huge development in the psychological horror drama in Egypt.

Thanks to the unparalleled success of Alalmiya Alhura in creating the ProMax Film Production website, ProMax is now recognized for its reliance on Alalmiya Alhura to accomplish all its crucial tasks. A crucial task in the success of the film, therefore, we were relied upon as specialists in graphic design artwork to design a professional poster for the film.


Mobile Application
Third: A New Mobile Application

ProMax Film Production company is thinking of making an artistic breakthrough in the Egyptian cinematic field, through the creation of a phone application that serves a genius idea that will be noted later when it is completed, and thanks to the success achieved by the Egyptian free world Company in providing professional software and design services commissioned by ProMax Film Production company, ProMax company relied again on the Egyptian free world Company in the creation of that application.

The data analysis procedures for the new application creation project have now begun, and the planning process for creating that application will soon be is worth mentioning that our team at global free Egyptian company is very excited to create this project, as our team seeks to crown a new success that serves the interests of both our global free IT company and ProMax Film Production company.

Free international is very proud of dealing with a distinguished company such as ProMax Film Production Company, and we wish with all our hearts to achieve greater success in the new project, and we also wish the continuity of developer and construction dealings and the continuation of a good relationship.


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