Amnuh Application

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Amnuh Application


Amnuh Application

We are proud to be the technique implementers of (the Amnuh) application, which was implemented by the programmer's team of Alalmiya Alhura Company and took about 60 days of continual work to be implemented.

Programming languages Used in The (Amnuh) App:

While working on the (Amnuh) application project, the team of programmers at Alalmiya Alhura Company used a variety of programming languages, such as the "swift" language, which was depended upon to configure the IOS version of the application. That is because it is considered the primary programming language adopted by Apple in providing its various software products.

In implementing the Android version of (the Amnuh) application, the programming team at AL Alalmiya Alhura Company depended on using the "kotlin" programming language, which helps provide excellent security support for the application besides the nice smooth design.

Our programmer's team has also depended on PHP because of its compatibility with many different systems. And also to develop the web version of (the Amnuh) site and develop the project's internal software system.


The Aims That  (Amnuh) App Aspires to
The Aims That (Amnuh) App Aspires to

At the beginning of the foundation of (Amnuh) application, the idea was established and built on two main goalsnamely:

The first goal:

The first goal was to consider all the customer-specific needs and make their lives easier and faster via the app.

The Second goal:

It is to provide viable job opportunities for every ambitious youth, as the application offers many advantages to the customer and the captain.


The Unique Feature of a Safe Application
The Unique Feature of a Safe Application

There is no doubt that the Door-to-Door applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are several and varied. So, it was a must for (Amnuh) applications to provide a specific service. (Amnuh) The unique feature of the application is whether the trip is for a womanThe lady can choose if the captain is a man or a woman. This is because (Amnuh) application is keen to provide all means of safety and distress systems and the property of precise tracking. Through the application, you can also communicate with the security authorities or a family member in case of any emergency problem.

As for the captain, registering on the application is very easy, as (Amnuh) application allows anyone to seize the opportunity to work on the application. And participate in a system for direct communication with the application in case of any problems on the road.

(Amnuh) vision is to serve the community and provide the best service to its customers. Secure (Amnuh) application that shares the sensible leadership and blessed image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Vision 2030). With more than 15,000 thousand users and 15,000 thousand requests, we seek (Amnuh) to be the first official ride of the Kingdom.

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