All You Need To Know About Motion Graphic

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Motion Graphic


All You Need To Know About Motion Graphic

Motion graphics design creates animated graphics for presentations, advertisements, videos, documentaries, and more. This service is characterized by interactivity and attractiveness, as vibrant graphics can simplify complex concepts and make them easy to understand. This is one of the most popular services in digital marketing.

Motion Graphic
Stages of Designing Motion Graphic Videos in Alalmiya Alhura

In Alalmiya Alhura, we implement a specific plan according to deliberate steps, and the motion graphic design team begins work based on it. These steps are as follows:

Doing a Study for Your Project

Before taking any steps in motion designs, we conduct a comprehensive study and analysis of your project or business. Through it, we can form a broad background on the labor market and the target audience, thus reaching the most critical concepts that competitors in this field constantly use.

Attracting Customers' Attention

After completing the study of the labor market and the target audience and after determining the destination that your business wants to reach, our motion graphic design team collects ideas and defines the goals of the videos that will be designed, and accordingly begins preparing motion videos that help attract the attention of customers.

Create a Professional Scenario

After defining the idea the video aims for, the scenario the video will discuss is developed. Our script is characterized as creative and distinctive because we have a team of creative and distinguished content writers who can provide unique content.


At this stage, cooperation takes place between voiceovers and motion graphic designers in Alalmiya Alhura. Because the impact of voiceover on the audience is excellent and contributes to creating their initial impression to a large extent. We aim to provide the best voiceover services on various field videos.


In the penultimate step, our motion graphic designers make the "storyboard," through which they provide an approximate idea of a motion video and give a detailed description of the angles of the shots and the position and angle of the camera, whether near or far. They also show the scene and the places of the characters approximately.

Animation Design

After completing the recording of the voiceover and making the storyboard for the motion graphic video, the voiceover is sent to professional motion graphic designers and presented to them. Based on that and their perception of the idea of the video, they started designing the animated effects. Then install the voiceover over the animated effects; thus, the design and implementation of a professional motion graphic video are completed.

Advantages of Motion Graphic Service
Advantages of Motion Graphic Service with Alalmiya Alhura

We guarantee that you will get many benefits when choosing to design motion graphic videos with Alalmiya Alhura, and these advantages are as follows:

  • Get effective content to promote your business.
  • Distinguished voiceover services that help attract the audience.
  • Distinctive colors attract the audience's attention and express your project's commercial identity.
  • Undoubtedly, the quality of all the videos we design and produce is of high quality, which helps you gain the customer's trust.
  • If you want to add motion graphics to a motion graphics video, the Motion Graphics team at Alalmiya Alhura chooses the best pictures suitable for your business.
  • The Motion Graphics team at Alalmiya Alhura is undoubtedly expert enough to add smooth motion that appears naturally to motion graphic videos.

Types of Motion Graphic Videos
Types of Motion Graphic Videos at Alalmiya Alhura

It is not only one or two types of motion graphic videos that we design and produce in Alalmiya Alhura but they are multiple types, as follows:

Marketing Videos

By using the motion graphic service, our team can design the best marketing videos for you, which in turn work to attract more customers and increase your sales while maintaining your commercial identity at the same time, which mainly helps you gain customer confidence.

Infographic Videos

Through us, you can design infographic videos to explain the topics and ideas your project addresses professionally. Using this service to describe your project's benefits and objectives in an organized and creative manner is possible.

3D Videos

Many industries need 3D videos, primarily to market their business. The beauty of 3D videos lies in the graphics and animated characters that you can customize to contribute to the marketing of your electronic project.

Promo Videos

These videos understandably display complex information and statistics, distinguishing them from infographic videos.


This type of video is characterized by being short and used to communicate information quickly and is often needed by all commercial activities of all kinds.

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