+6 years of digital solutions and information technology

It sounds like you've embarked on an impressive journey, aiming to provide high-efficiency technological solutions and services using Egyptian and Arab minds and capabilities at 100%. Expanding to more than 300 projects across the Middle East and Africa for your clients and surpassing 200 employees in your team is remarkable growth. Moving from Dubai to Egypt with three branches and further expanding to Jeddah, totaling four branches demonstrates your commitment to providing the necessary support and diverse services for your client's digital journey in a world full of opportunities and challenges. Your team, comprised of professionals and brilliant minds, strives to solve these challenges continuously. Congratulations on such extensive growth and dedication!
Years of experience in software services.+6
Years of experience in software services.
years of digital solutions and information technology
Our Message

Our Message

In Al Almiya Al Hura company, we believe that technology serves as a bridge between ideas and their realization. We strive to provide innovative, high-quality software solutions that meet market needs and exceed the expectations of our clients. Through our professional team and extensive experience, we ensure the delivery of products and services that bolster success and excellence.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim to shape the future of technology and software development in a way that positions us as pioneers in the field, both nationally and regionally. Our goal is to offer unique tech solutions that keep pace with modern advancements and place our clients at the forefront of the market.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around developing software solutions based on the latest available technologies, focusing intently on deeply understanding our clients' needs and providing tailored solutions that efficiently address them.

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